So, you have read at least three Books and now want to see the evidence.
From what you have seen and read so far, you are asking WHERE'S THE PROOF - and just want to jump straight in.

Sometimes you've got to see it to believe it

We've selected the best examples so you can come see for yourself exactly where pictures from modern data disks are described in ancient texts.
Topics include:
Akkadian and Egyptian god stories;
The City beneath the Sea, and the Rings of Atlantis;
Old Testament (Genesis - Ezekiel - Daniel);
New Testament (Revelation - Mark).

This is NOT about Religious Dogma, Beliefs or Faith*
To the original researcher, Pegg, all religious texts were treated the same as any other ancient chronicles - within their stories are misrepresented reports of human time travel encounters that have been covered over by thousands of years of religious bias, mistranslation, and rhetoric.
* For some reason the most requested topics are the ones from the Bible, so 5 have been selected.

This is a 21st century investigation for people with open minds.
Ronald Pegg determined 8 main Findings which together produce the proof that time travel encounters back in the past have taken place.
The ATTSG Workshop allows you evaluate 2 of his Findings via the specific claim that

Anyone sitting in front of a computer, running the 1995 Ancients multimedia cd-rom, can compare the pictures on screen to descriptions from ancient accounts and sacred texts and observe that what the ancient person was describing, as written in their personal account, is what is also exactly in front of you now.

We have a copy of that cd-rom and an old computer upon which to run and view it, and have selected extracts from 10 of Pegg's 30 identified texts for you to examine.

Over 250 listed descriptions will be directly compared one-by-one to the sequences of images seen on the cd-rom. The purpose is to visually evaluate Pegg's claim relating to ten selected Case Studies - then come to your own conclusion based upon the presented evidence.

Venue is in the Adelaide north-eastern suburb of   Surrey Downs 5126

Duration:  1.5 hours

Time:  2:00pm

Days:  Tuesday  or  Thursday  in the
first and third weeks of the month.

Comfortably seats 5 people

Payment in full, in advance
by Direct Bank Deposit
(Electronic Funds Transfer)

Cost:   $110 per person

Request by Email
(via provided form)
no more than a month in advance.

This Public Workshop

allows YOU to hold and view the evidence for yourself.
is NOT about the Who, How and When of Time Travel.
is NOT about Religious Dogma, Beliefs or Faith.
is NOT general discussion or a Q & A session.
is a 21st Century scholastic presentation of new proof.
allows you to evaluate extracts from 10 Case Studies.

Before clicking this button, please read our Warning page information.
(It includes a Preamble from Ronald Pegg.)

1.  Request a Workshop DATE

2. Once Day/Date confirmed, we send you a link to our Registration Form.
3. Fill in form and send, then pay by direct bank transfer (to be
received no later than 2 weeks before confirmed date).

Haven't purchased the books yet ?
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If you are undecided, Cash sales of the Workshop 3 Book Set are available at the completion of the session for $50, with the other two titles $20 each.