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PURPOSE from June 2023
Continue to make the PPHC printed
BOOKS available to the Australian public
via contactless collection or by Australian Post

ACU NU ANP ANBC ANU soft cover printed books
Offer the new Evidence of TIME TRAVEL
WORKSHOP to Adelaide residents

ATTSG Study Rooms

The Early Days   1998 to 2013

Adelaide researcher Eddy Pengelly became involved in The Pegg Project® from 1998 when he was asked to assist others in proof reading and scrutinizing Pegg's works.

1998 to 2004   Pegg Project Historical Comparisons

PPHC was set up to produce and print reports by Pegg that are now in the form of his 20 comb bound A4 size research Booklets.

The business name was registered in December 2003 in order to publish a local run of six printed books involving new research by Eddy Pengelly. Copies were directly sold to many local libraries but were briefly exclusively sold to the public by Dymocks Bookshop in Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

Then Eddy began a new activity.

2003 to 2011   PPHC Study Group

Eddy Pengelly - chief researcher for PPHC Study GroupThis is an abbreviation of 'Pegg Project Historical Comparisons Study Group'.

Eddy's private evaluation group was active on the internet presenting some of Pegg's work on its own website and other forums, and often invited people to conduct on-line evaluations. His six printed research books were also made available to the general Australian public.

Eddy then decided to get off the internet.

A link to his 2008 seminar regarding How a Study Criterion was Compiled can be found on the Study Options page (via the Adelaide 'Attend Study Rooms' topic).

History of presenting information to the public

On behalf of the PPHC Study Group, Eddy Pengelly progressively presented various introductions to Ronald Pegg's findings. He
  1. printed two runs of Pegg's original research booklets for public study use; with seven copies of the PaRDeS work being sent to various Australian universities.

  2. compiled a summary book of Pegg's general discoveries entitled Ancient Chronicles Unsealed. Many people found this hard reading, and wanted more simple explanations, so he

  3. conducted his own research into some of the Bible topics and Nostradamus, then presented it in a book entitled A New Perspective. Some Bible topics explained became the focus of his study group's seminar. But people wanted more, so he

  4. conducted his own research into the whole book of Revelation plus some of Ezekiel and Daniel, then presented it in a book entitled A New Bible Commentary.
  1. Continuing, he conducted his own research into some specific ancient accounts, then presented it in a book entitled A New Understanding, because people were asking about Mesopotamian gods, Egyptian mythology, and the Atlantis story.

  2. Using Powerpoint and/or printed presentations, based upon the topics he had personally investigated, Eddy formulated several public Seminars. These were to assist in the sales of the printed books.

  3. One was later amended and produced as a Youtube video. (See below)

  4. People then wanted to personally and physically view the evidence for themselves, so he created several public Workshops for his Adelaide study group (PPHC).

  5. Being specifically asked about certain Bible topics, later one of these were converted into an eReport plus an online Workshop entitled QUEST for the Book with SEVEN SEALS. Details via the Bible Mystery Solved topic on the Study Options page, in the World-wide Online section.

2011 Books / CD-ROMS  Seminar

If video doesn't appear, view it on YouTube

The 'part two' mentioned in this video is now part of the new ATTSG Workshop

2012   Adelaide Time Travel Evaluation Group

Eddy Pengelly conducting a workshopA purpose and name change. This was set up in 2012 to cater for people in Adelaide who desired to personally view the three cd-roms that have been documented and described in ancient texts. They could now compare their contents directly with ancient texts using the PPHC Resource Books as references.

To do this a larger venue had to be hired for the workshops. The old pphcstudygroup website was replaced with the shorter, and associated advertising signs were placed on a private vehicle to help spread the word.

A new introduction Seminar was made, and the personal delivery of books to interested Adelaide residents was then available.

By the end of 2013 Eddy ceased his general research and personal public appearances, as an Adelaide company had gained the rights to all the Pegg and Pengelly time travel works and intended to take the project in a different direction.

2014  Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group

ATTSG Study RoomsBy the end of 2013 it was decided that these time travel discoveries were too important to let fade away, so a replacement to Eddy's former study group was formulated.

A new business name was registered (July 2014), a new website was procured, and licences were purchased from the company.
A new host was recruited and was now ready to present astounding time travel discoveries to the Australian public.

Your Host will be

Robb Pengelly

Robb Pengelly (pictured)

He was born in Adelaide, is a retired bank officer, and while employed he had a flair for community service including the National Trust and Neighbourhood Watch.

Robb enjoys other public activities such as playing the electronic organ, making and selling woodwork and crafts, and social latin dancing.  (more about Robb)

As a researcher himself, he has been investigating ancient mysteries for over twenty years part-time.

Robb is coordinator of the Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group where he distributes books and has developed a new workshop related to the time travel discoveries and findings by the two Australian researchers.

He will assist you understand these astounding discoveries and findings by providing you with the opportunity to read and view the evidence for yourself.

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