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Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group  Adelaide, South Australia.

We do not have a shop front nor do we have a dedicated telephone line. We choose to deal exclusively via email for official business as all correspondence is time dated and can be dealt with in chronological order.

General Enquiries and unsolicited Correspondence

We are simply providing a community service by distributing the printed works of two Australian researchers and showing some of the evidence from their works at a workshop at various hired venues. We are not responsible for the contents, findings nor conclusions they offer in their own publications.

Therefore, and in any case, due to on-going commitments, we DO NOT offer an answering service for unsolicited individual general public emails nor postal mail.

Unsolicited postal mail and emails (especially with attachments) will NOT be opened.

Books - Workshop

To order books or request a day/date for a workshop - please us the forms provided on their respective individual pages.

While first reading the books is beneficial, it is not a requirement to attend a workshop.


Enquiries to the Director of Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd

You personally spoke with or was given a business card by our Book Distributor

Please contact Robb via robb (at)
giving the subject heading as You spoke to me on [ date ] at [ place ]

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