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Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the ATTSG was set up in 2014 to present to the public the PPHC printed Books based upon the various works regarding The Pegg Project® TIME TRAVEL Discoveries.

Ancient Chronicles UnsealedThis three part book is a summary publication that reveals over 30 of Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg's examples of ancient texts containing descriptions of Time Travel Encounters.
It presents his method of investigation of the topic, Nostradamus Unsealedfrom him finding the clues throughout history and putting them together - to testing a hypothesis and writing up the conclusions.

Pegg also investigated Nostradamus and produced this report.

The ATTSG also offered Workshops where the physical evidence collected for many of Pegg's claims could be revealed and tested.

While many people were fascinated with the Ancient Mysteries Solved aspect of the project regarding:
      Akkadian Mythology - Not about Gods
      Sumerian Gods - Not Aliens
      Source of Atlantis Legend - Found
      Ezekiel's Wheels - Not a UFO
other findings in respect to as yet unresearched Egyptian Disc and other works of Nostradamus and especially Pegg's Bible discoveries, were the most requested.

In response to this demand of interest and/or disbelief, Adelaide researcher/author Eddy Pengelly examined those topics and produced the following reports:
Egyptian gods and Atlantis The Bible and Nostradamus
A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus
A New Bible Commentary
But people wanted more than just a summary book about the Bible discoveries, so he reinvestigated three specific books from the Bible - Ezekiel - Daniel - Revelation.

These are now part of the printed reference resources that relate to the new Dreams & Visions workshop, produced in 2022.

From 2023 to supplement the reading of the PPHC printed books, a 28 Lesson Study Plan now guides you as you investigate the astounding claims regarding the various topics.

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