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Ancient Chronicles Unsealed
Ronald Pegg's Discoveries

Over 30 ancient texts identified.
Overview of all the puzzle pieces.
Where computer parts described.
Who the time travellers visited.
Which future events were told.
Where warning messages recorded.
To which religions they refer.

Nostradamus Unsealed
Ronald Pegg's Discoveries

Nostradamus utilised a computer.
Saw future history from a cd-rom.
Encoded this info in his Quatrains.
That data has now been decoded.
Matches 20th century events.
World Trade Centre attack in Presages.
Names and identifies Ronald Pegg.

A New Understanding
Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

Akkadian Enuma Elish Poem.
Computer technology in ancient Egypt.
Ennead legend derived from cd-roms.
ANI documents computer technology.
Glyphs reveal a time travel encounter.
Hebrew - Sepher Yetzirah unsealed
Atlantis Legend - Solved.

A New Perspective
The Bible and Nostradamus

Preview of 7 biblical texts.
Genesis Chapter 1 decoded.
Ezekiel and Daniel's encounters.
What Mark was describing.
Highlights from Book of Revelation.
Events of Nostradamus determined.


A New Bible Commentary
Ezekiel  Daniel  Revelation

Dreams and Visions deciphered.
Computer technology documented.
Ezekiel's 'wheels' not about a UFO.
Ezekiel's temple found and measured.
Nebuchadnezzar's dream explained.
The Book of Revelation explained.

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Book Contents Explained

Workshop 3 BOOK Set + NU ANU

We have developed a Study Plan highlighting Topics from these books.

28 lessons present and explain various individual findings from ancient and classical chronicles, the Bible, Qur'an, Book of Mormon, and other religious stories.

The yellow Books reveal over 30 ancient texts that report time travel encounters, while the other three present 12 reexamined specific Case Studies.

Preview Topics Lesson Plan
ATTSG Lesson Plan

When you purchase books, a more comprehensive 4 page Lesson Plan (with referenced page numbers for each topic) can be downloaded for free. Save it to your computer and later print it. Use it as you go through each lesson to mark off completed topics.

The following selected Topics pertain to our Workshop where Pictures from a Data Disk are described in these ancient texts:
Akkadian and Egyptian god stories;
The City beneath the Sea, and the Rings of Atlantis;
Old Testament (Genesis Chpt 1 - Ezekiel - Daniel);
Qur'an (16:14, 16:79, 31:31, 42:32, 52:1, 18:83);
New Testament (Revelation - Mark).
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