A word from researcher Eddy Pengelly (12 November 2011, 3mins)

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It was found that traditional understanding and rhetoric regarding over 30 individual Myths, Legends, Ancient and Sacred Texts have misrepresented what those accounts were actually reporting. When examined, each one was found to reveal pieces of a larger puzzle.

These two books scrutinize those accounts and compile the puzzle pieces into a summary. Several recurring themes emerged and included:
- the same two Tablets / Plates / Books being seen throughout history;
- the same type of messenger is associated with those plate encounters;
- a messenger often appeared from a bright light then told of future events;
- associated with those visits were similar dream, vision, and watcher stories.

From this gathered data, amazing discoveries were made and confirmed:
- computer technology is depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs;
- computer technology is documented in the Old Testament;
- Nostradamus describes computer technology;
- the Book of Mormon describes computer technology;
- New Testament stories report using this computer technology.

These books report upon the findings that reveal the above accounts were describing the same two 'tablets' and that similar narratives regarding the contents of those two 'tablets/plates/books' are also in sacred texts including several Bible stories.

The conclusion from the quantity of comprehensive written and conclusive visual evidence is that somehow Time Travel Back to the Past has taken place. The findings reveal that the same 'messenger (in a bright light)' visited all these different ancient people over thousands of years with the same two compact disks (aka. tablets, plates, seer stones, wheels or books), while using the same mid 1990s computer technology (aka. oracle or looking glass) that induced similar dream, vision, and watcher stories.

Book Details


Ancient Chronicles Unsealed *
Ronald Pegg's Discoveries

Over 30 ancient texts identified
Overview of all the puzzle pieces
Where computer parts described
Who the time travellers visited
Which future events were told
Where warning messages recorded
To which religions they refer

Nostradamus Unsealed
Ronald Pegg's Discoveries

Nostradamus utilised a computer
Saw future history from a cd-rom
Encoded this info in his Quatrains
That data has now been decoded
Matches 20th century events
World Trade Centre attack in Presages
Names and identifies Ronald Pegg

A New Understanding
Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

Akkadian Enuma Elish Poem
Computer technology in ancient Egypt
Ennead legend derived from cd-roms
ANI documents computer technology
Glyphs reveal a time travel encounter
Hebrew - Sepher Yetzirah unsealed
Atlantis Legend - Solved

A New Perspective *
The Bible and Nostradamus

Preview of 7 biblical texts
Genesis Chapter 1 decoded
Ezekiel and Daniel's encounters
What Mark was describing
Highlights from Book of Revelation
Events of Nostradamus determined

A New Bible Commentary *
Ezekiel  Daniel  Revelation

Dreams and Visions deciphered
Computer technology documented
Ezekiel's 'wheels' not about a UFO
Ezekiel's temple found and measured
Nebuchadnezzar's dream explained
The Book of Revelation explained
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