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Evaluate the Research and Findings made by two Australian researchers.

Encounters with Time Travellers plus the Computer Technology and Data Disks taken back with them is documented and described in over 30 Ancient Texts that span the past 5,000 years.

Proof includes documented firsthand accounts of:
- Encounters with the time-visitors;
- Computer Technology being depicted and described;
- Imagery from the Data Disks being documented; plus
- some Historical Events from them noted and described.

Ancient Myths, Legends, Texts, and Religious Stories all contain some evidence.
The time travellers themselves were reported as Elders, Men of Wisdom, or called Angels.

We have developed a Study Plan consisting of 28 lessons that present and explain various individual topics including those above plus where Time Travel Encounters are documented and described in the Old and New Testaments, Qur'an, Book of Mormon, and other religious stories.

Examples of Computer Technology back in the past

1829 CE *   This American picture..

Plastic Jewel Cases

..depicts two clear plastic cd-rom jewel cases (one in hand, other on lid).
* but Plastic had not yet been invented at that time !

1240 BCE   The Egyptian Papyrus of Ani describes..

Compact disk and cd-Drive Tray depicted Mouse and Cable described and depicted

..a two-button mouse & cable (not 3 buttons or with a scroll wheel, or wireless) with compact disks (not flash sticks), a cd-drive, a box-base (desktop case depicted, not tower case) all identify the computer technology as being from the early 1990s.
[Note. This does not mean that time travel was invented in the 1990s.]
Our Study Options page has a link to an Academic Paper on the Papyrus of Ani.

Just these two examples establish that mid 1990s computer technology was somehow seen at those times - and is thus Proof of TIME TRAVEL Back to the Past.

On the Books page we hear from researcher Eddy Pengelly

Much more proof is available

These Books are our textbooks

The yellow Books reveal over 30 ancient texts that report time travel encounters, while the other three present 12 reexamined specific Case Studies.

Workshop Set presents the main 20 lessons, with the 2 optional Books referencing 8.

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Once you have read the first three Books you may wish to personally view the physical evidence regarding Ancient Texts describing imagery from one particular Data Disk.
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