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A late 20th century desktop computer and data disks were physically taken back to the past.

Various pictures and certain once-in-a-lifetime unique historical events from each of them were told and shown to specifically targeted ancient people.

Many of those individuals were told to write down what they heard and viewed but unfortunately most of it was misunderstood.

Some people misperceived the future history told to them and incorrectly reported it as part of their own past history, while other narrations depicted and/or described the disks and computer technology taken back.

This all became enfolded into the cultural and religious texts of their time, resulting in certain unintended consequences being added to our history.

Over 30 ancient texts from over 15 countries going right back to 3114 BCE document these encounters.

Two Australian Researchers

Queenslander Ronald Pegg's discoveries and findings regarding over 30 Time Travel Encounters are presented in the two yellow books.

South Australian Eddy Pengelly investigated and confirmed these claims and made further discoveries of his own.


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