Let us take you on a journey of discovery as we first reveal the claims made by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg, then provide you with the opportunity to examine the evidence for yourself.

The Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group (ATTSG) was set up to allow you access to the original works by Ronald Pegg and the subsequent reports produced by South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly.

Although you may have prior subjective opinions regarding the various topics under scrutiny, our purpose is to let you form your own conclusions based upon extensive comprehensive objective empirical based findings - being the presented evidence.
Your derived judgement will either validate Pegg's claims or debunk them.

ATTSG Study RoomsBased in Adelaide, South Australia, interested people were first invited to become members then visit our Study Rooms to view a Seminar and purchase our resource materials, then later return to attend a Workshop to personally view the evidence.

But due to the pandemic in 2020, personal attendances ceased and new methods to present our seminars and workshop were requested.

Plans for 2024

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Your Journey of Discovery Begins


We present the astounding findings of Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg

Encounters with Time Travellers plus the Computer Technology and Data Disks taken back with them is documented and described in over 30 Ancient Texts that span the past 5,000 years.

Proof includes recorded first-hand accounts of
  • Encounters with time travellers
  • Computer Technology - depicted and described
  • Imagery from the Data Disks - documented
  • some Historical Events from them - chronicled

Most of the world's Ancient Myths, Legends, Texts, and Religious Stories all contain some of this evidence, but it has been hidden due to factors such as misunderstandings, misinterpretations, mistranslations, plus various cultural, political and religious biases.

Computer Technology in the Past

DISC with a hole.  This Egyptian glyph designated N5 is traditionally said to represent the Sun.

But Pegg declared that it was a depiction of a compact disk.

This is what we found when we investigated...

1240 BCE  Egyptian Papyrus of Ani

column 1, glyphs 9-20

Papyrus of ANI, column 1 glyphs 9-20

In column 2, glyphs 49-63 gave this reading...

Papyrus of ANI, column 2 glyphs 49-63

Not only does this prove that the Egyptian scribe saw then depicted and described computer parts, but the type of technology can be exactly identified and dated.

The two-button mouse & cable (not 3 buttons or with a scroll wheel or wireless) with compact disks (not flash sticks), a cd-drive, a box-base (desktop case depicted, not tower case) all identify the computer technology as being from the early 1990s, such as a 386/486 desktop PC.

Our commissioned Egyptian Papyrus of Ani PAPER can be found via our Study Options page.

mid 1500s CE  France

Pegg also declared that Nostradamus was visited, who in Century 1 Quatrain 1 line 2 describes where he placed a compact disk...

Century 1 Quatrain 1

early 1800s CE  America

Next, Pegg opened a published history book copyrighted in 1979 and showed us a black and white copy of an early* American picture. (reproduced here in colour, but cropped)

Plastic Jewel Cases

It clearly depicts two clear plastic cd-rom jewel cases (one in hand, the other on the lid).
*but Plastic had not yet been invented at that time !

Just these few examples establish that specific mid 1990s computer technology was somehow seen at those different times - and is thus Proof of TIME TRAVEL Back to the Past.

Please Note
This does not mean that time travel was invented in the 1990s.

More Proof

Ronald Pegg then continued to present us with more and more examples.

Once our chief researcher had scrutinized his findings, he first compiled a book summarizing Pegg's discoveries then conducted his own research on various case studies.

His reports are tabled in these books.

ACU NU ANP ANBC ANU soft cover printed books

They provide an understanding of 7 of Pegg's 8 main Evidence Categories.

Three of those can be summerized by the words Modern Objects in Ancient Texts, with two being the focus of our workshop.

When we examined his Discoveries

It was found that traditional understanding and rhetoric regarding over 30 individual Myths, Legends, Ancient and Sacred Texts have misrepresented what those accounts were actually reporting. When examined, each one was found to reveal pieces of a larger puzzle.

ACU NU Book coversThese two books scrutinize those accounts and compile the puzzle pieces into a summary. Several recurring themes emerged and included:
  • the same two Tablets / Plates / Books being seen throughout history;
  • the same type of messenger is associated with those plate encounters;
  • a messenger often appeared from a bright light then told of future events;
  • associated with those visits were similar dream, vision, and watcher stories.

From this gathered data, amazing discoveries were made and confirmed:
  • computer technology is depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs;
  • computer technology is documented in the Old Testament;
  • Nostradamus describes computer technology;
    The Qur'an describes pictures from a data disk;
  • the Book of Mormon describes computer technology;
  • New Testament stories report using this computer technology.

ANP ANBC ANU Book coversThese books report upon the findings that reveal the above accounts were describing the same two 'tablets' (ie. data disks) and that similar narratives regarding the contents of those two objects are also in sacred texts including several Bible stories.

The conclusion from the quantity of comprehensive written and conclusive visual evidence is that somehow Time Travel Back to the Past has taken place.

The findings reveal that the same time traveller/messenger (sometimes reported as appearing from within a bright light), and sometimes reported as an Elder or Man of Wisdom (or perceived as an Angel), visited all these different ancient people over thousands of years with the same two compact disks (aka. tablets, plates, seer stones, wheels, magic circles, or books), while using the same mid 1990s computer technology (aka. oracle, looking glass, or magic mirror) that induced similar dream, vision, and watcher stories, invoked by using a mouse & cable (aka. staff, rod, or magic wand).

View the Evidence Yourself

Those dream, vision, and watcher story narratives are actually descriptions of pictures and sounds from the data disks (that were collected along with a 386/486 PC from the mid 1990s then taken further back in time and shown to the various ancient people)

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We have developed a Study Plan highlighting Pegg's Topics into 28 lessons. They allow you quick access to a particular individual finding that may interest you, from a selection of ancient and classical chronicles, the Bible, Qur'an, Book of Mormon, and other religious stories

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One of them is named in our preface

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