Ancient Texts Reveal their Secrets

Ancient Texts refer to any and all ancient stories, myths, and legends that exist (or existed) in some form that have been passed down through the ages, and include the many that some people deem to be sacred or religious texts.

Stages of Understanding

  1. For the first 5,000 years many chronicles were perceived to be about supernatural gods, and God - using subjective tenets and belief systems.

  2. From the mid 20th century a New Age concept suggested that some accounts may be about Alien visitors - but without substantiating proof.

  3. Now in the 21st century, it has been confirmed that certain ancient reports are about human time travel encounters - established via extensive comprehensive objective empirical evidence based findings.

Much of what we have been told about the ancient past is incorrect.

In the 20th century the date notation of the Religious Era (BC-AD) was superceded by the scientific use of Common Era (CE). Progressing, we have been in a New Era (NE) of academic understanding since October 2000 - but you are just finding out about it now.


Time Travellers are reported by many ancient writers, some as 'Elders' or 'Wise Men', but many have incorrectly perceived those time messengers as 'gods' or 'Angels' (in the religious supernatural sense - as they had no concept of time travel and that what they were being shown was from the future).

Encounters with them and the Computer Technology (plus Data Disks taken back with them) are documented in over 30 ancient texts from over 12 countries spanning 5,000 years.

Ronald Pegg categorized 8 major time travel Findings.

PPHC published printed Books present 7 of them.

The ATTSG Workshop presents comprehensive hands-on evidence for 2 of them.

Please note that our Books and Workshop are a 21st century scholarly presentation of new evidence regarding the past - and are not about Religion or Faith.

Data Disk Identified

picture of an identified 1995 compact diskQueensland researcher Ronald Pegg established that this 1995 multimedia cd-rom has been taken back to the past by human time travellers (along with an early 1990s desktop computer system on which to run it).
The evidence is that, many pictures from it (that were shown to specifically targeted ancient people) are documented and described in over 30 ancient myths & legends and ancient texts. (Remember, this includes those deemed sacred by some).

This compact disk entitled Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean is the one referenced during our Workshop.

Back in the past it was known as the Tablet of Destinies, the RA-Disk, the Urim, the Wheel of Destiny of Nations, and the Book with Seven Seals.

Follow Pegg's Journey of Discovery

ACU BookAncient Chronicles Unsealed

Using his method of 'following the clues', this book: slowly identifies the puzzle pieces and finally reveals in which 30 ancient texts encounters with time travellers and modern computer technology have been found; and presents 7 of his 8 major Findings.

Has one of your favourite ancient mysteries finally been solved?
Are accounts of time travellers reported in your Faith's religious writings?

Testing this Premise

Eddy Pengellys 3 BooksSouth Australian Eddy Pengelly was the first researcher to investigate these assertions. His books present 12 Case Studies using a commentary style, relating to when he sat in front of a computer running the specified cd-rom. He reports the results of when he compared descriptions from twelve ancient texts* to the pictures from that cd-rom.

* Due to requests of interest or disbelief, 5 texts from the Bible were included.

Our Study Plan lists what topics from which books, and allows you quick access to a particular individual finding that may interest you.

Books and Workshop present PROOF

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