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we are distributing the Reports made by the Australian Time Detectives Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly plus subsequent examinations and findings by PPHC Study Group.

The content, opinions and conculsions contained in presented published works and on this website are those of Ronald Pegg (1996-2002) and Eddy Pengelly (2003-2008, 2009, 2011, 2014-2015, 2017, 2019, 2020), and do not necessarily reflect the views nor opinions of the Australian Time Travel Study Group nor your host, nor associated partners (such as World Breaking Discoveries and Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd).

Preamble about Ronald Pegg

This Queensland researcher generalized by saying

There are two sets of people in the world - Theists, who believe in gods or God (without any proof), and Atheists who do not believe in any gods (also without any proof).
What both groups do not realize is that they are basing their respective opinions on the same misinterpreted, misunderstood, taken-out-of-context stories of the perceived supernatural.

Both groups need to take a step back to reconsider and seek out the actual origins of the events being reported in the various sacred texts.
Instead of arguing about the 'supernatural' content of ancient stories, what if that itself is the first misunderstanding ?

For example, the reported messengers appearing in a bright light who went on to talk about the future - are known as Angels, with the whole spectrum of religious interpretation and rhetoric spawning from those encounters.

But there is now an alternative explanation - those messengers were human Time Travellers, and all the traditional stories attributed to a 'supernatural' God or gods - are simply misunderstood reports of time travel encounters.

This now relegates the status of all cited sacred texts to each of them now being - just another set of ancient stories (similar to how we now view the old Egyptian and Greek god stories).

Pegg's work examined

After spending many years scrutinizing these claims, South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly released his reports. He confirms that both contemporary opinions by Atheists and Theists are misconstrued. The PPHC published books present comprehensive evidence to support Pegg's Time Travel assertions.


Although various ancient and religious texts are examined, this is not a religious website nor is it about Religion or Faith.

It provides personal access to new evidence regarding the origin and source of some stories contained in many of the world's sacred and other ancient writings.

This website is a 21st Century presentation of new evidence regarding the past with the focus being scholarly rather than religious, therefore

Please be aware that new information discovered since 1996 (and subsequently confirmed) may be distressing to some people as it challenges historical and personal contemporary beliefs and provides a new explanation of our past.


If your Faith or personal Beliefs do not allow you to explore the possibility that:

the origin and source of your faith and beliefs may not be what you have been told by your Religious Leaders


the interpretation of your Sacred Text may not be accurate

then you should NOT continue, as you will be offended by the conclusions drawn from the evidence presented.

In any case, if you become dissatisfied with or become offended by any of the materials contained in this Site, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue reading, accessing and using this Site - and to not read, view nor purchase any of the Books or Reports on offer, nor attend our Workshop.


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