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Modern Objects in Ancient Texts

Ancient Indian and Egyptian scribes depict
Compact Disk - Mouse & Cable - Disk Tray

Early 1800s American picture shows
plastic Jewel Case - BEFORE  plastic was invented !

These are just three examples from over 30 known Time Travel Encounters documented Back in the Past from over 12 countries spanning 5,000 years of our history.

Finding modern computer technology depicted and described in over 30 ancient texts - is proof of Time Travel Back to the Past

Two Australian Researchers

Queenslander Ronald Pegg's discoveries and findings regarding over 30 Time Travel Encounters are presented in the two yellow books.

South Australian Eddy Pengelly investigated and confirmed these claims and made further discoveries of his own, and reports on over ten specific case studies.

Book Topics: Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - Case Studies: Nostradamus - Ezekiel - Daniel - Revelation - Egyptian Glyphs - Atlantis

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Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - A New Perspective - 3 Case Studies - Nostradamus - Egyptian Glyphs

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