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Let us provide you with the proof

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Selected Claim

Ronald Pegg asserted that the contents from the Ancient Civilizations of the Mediteranean cd-rom were shown to many ancient people who then documented their encounters with it and described particular pictures from it in their personal texts and stories.

10 Ancient Texts

PPHC-SG host, Eddy PengellyEddy Pengelly
PPHC-SG's chief researcher and Workshop Host.

I previously hosted a 2 hour workshop at the PPHC Study Group's study rooms (Adelaide, SA. R.R.P. $99) but due to covid restrictions those public events ceased. I was commissioned to convert my workshop into an interactive online evaluation.

Here I have selected the following 10 ancient texts for you to compare their documented descriptions with the contents from the cd-rom.

Atlantis Legend       Vedic Hindu texts
Daniel   OT             ME Creation Legends
OT Creation Account       Egyptian God Stories
Muslim Qur'an       Sumerian Clay Tablets
Ezekiel   OT                 Revelation   NT

Online Evaluation

Purpose of this online Evaluation is three-fold:

To show you how the PPHC Study Group rated the validity of Ronald Pegg's observations regarding his claim that the contents from a modern compact disk are described in Ancient Texts.

To allow you to agree or disagree with their judgements and change the input scores on the interactive pages and thus calculate your own validity score for this DOOPArt (ie. the Ancients cd-rom).

Add your session score to their database so that they may later calculate and present an overall validity score.

To test whether Pegg's observations are valid, with an open mind, you too will need to compare descriptions from each ancient text to the imagery and content from the Ancients cd-rom.

If you agree with their judgement, you leave the score 'as is' for that item, but if you disagree, then you select another button to register your own judgement for that item.

Your total mean average score will help you decide for yourself whether Pegg's discoveries confirm the Ancients cd-rom as a DOOPArt.


Your own personal Journey of Discovery

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