Ronald Pegg - Queensland

Ronald Pegg

Discovered Evidence of
Time Travel Encounters
in over 30 Ancient Texts

20th Century Time Detective

Mysterious and reclusive Time Travel researcher from Queensland.
The first person in the 20th century to discover Evidence of Time Travel Back to the Past and to identify associated computer technology also taken back.
20 Booklets and an Autobiography present his discoveries and findings.


Reclusive, previously unknown, independent Researcher 1996 to 2002

He declined to be officially interviewed and to have his picture taken. Instead, he said:
"I am not the issue. My Discoveries and Research, and the Evidence will speak for itself. Please focus on my Discoveries and personally examine all the Evidence for yourself, and do not come to a conclusion based upon preconceived ideas given to you by other people."

12th October 2000

That day was an historical day for two reasons:
Ronald Pegg's PaRDeS works were publicly released to Australian Universities for examination;
He was the first person in the 20th century to present actual proof of Time Travel.

For this he was given the epithet of Time Detective  by his associates.

Original Research Documents

Conducted 1996 to 2002 Pegg researched many varied topics and authored twenty A4 sized BOOKLETS based upon his Time Travel discoveries.

Pegg's 20 original Printed Booklets

PaRDeS The Secret Garden

2.  Persian Gulf WAR
3.  WORD of GOD

Other Works

10.  The Bible, A Modern History 1948-1999
11a The Bible, A Modern History 1999-2000
11b The Bible, A Modern History 2000
12.  Nostradamus, A Modern History 1990-2001
13.  The Bible History
14.  Bible Mysteries Confronted
15.  ATLANTIS, A New Clue
16.  Hidden Messages in Ancient Manuscripts
17.  The Source of Ancient Myths
18.  Time Loop Theory

19a 2001 Message Board Topics
19b Frequently Asked Questions
20.  Quick Reference Guide

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Subsequent Books

2003 & 2006
PPHC Adelaide, South Australia in-house self-published printed editions (Australia Only)

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg
Nostradamus Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

About Ronald Pegg

THE SECOND WITNESSIn 2002 he wrote his autobiography just before he ceased his research and writing activities, saying that 'I have done all that I can do'.

He takes you on his personal journey of discovery as he explains and reveals how he discovered Evidence of Time Travel in the Bible and dozens of other ancient texts.

This book has not yet been released.

The Second Witness® - Ronald Pegg Finds Evidence of Time Travel in the Bible

Contacting Pegg
Ronald Pegg ceased his activities in 2002 and since then he has not contacted anyone. We have not been able to locate him nor contact him. We have been monitoring his last known email address but to our knowledge he has not used that account since 2002.

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