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Traditional religious explanations of prophetic texts are WRONG

Religious leaders have been incorrectly guessing for over 2,600 years
The founder of your Faith was visited by human time travellers, perceived as celestial Beings or Angels who were sent back to give two devastating warnings. Showing certain events from the future using a computer, they instructed the writers of your sacred text to write down what they were shown and told. This is now found in prophetic texts where 'dreams' and 'visions' are chronicled.

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Other Religions, Mormons, Judaism
If you are on this list then this concerns you,
Judaism, Christian, Muslim, Mormonism
especially if you relate to an Abrahamic Religion.

You have been misled

You have been unduly scared

You deserve to know what the texts originally said

Read how the time travellers' reports affect you

Knowing this will change your life

The warnings apply to you and your community

Workshop  Resource BOOKS

R.R.P. $20 each  (plus postage & handling)
Members recieve 55% Discount on 3 Book Set


Ancient Chronicles Unsealed
Ronald Pegg's Discoveries

The origins of many Myths and Legends have been resolved. Follow through Pegg's methodology from 1996 to 2002 as he discovered time travel encounters in over 30 ancient texts. Those chronicles reveal and describe computer parts and 4 specific data disks.

A New Perspective
The Bible and Nostradamus

13 of Pegg's major Bible findings are previewed. Specifically where Gospel of Mark and Genesis Chapter 1 document encounters with two particular data disks. New findings regarding Nostradamus are presented, including where he dates and names Ron Pegg.

A New Bible Commentary
Ezekiel  Daniel  Revelation

It is revealed that the Book of Ezekiel is describing sequences of pictures from a particular data disk; as too are the Books of Daniel and Revelation which also include historical details from a second data disk. Revelation includes events from a third astronomical data disk.

Dreams & Visions  WORKSHOP

gives you the opportunity to evaluate 5 Case Studies.
allows YOU to hold and view the evidence for yourself.
is NOT about the Who, How and When of Time Travel.
is NOT about Religious Dogma, Beliefs or Faith.
is NOT general discussion or a Q & A session.
is a 21st Century scholastic presentation of new proof.
is for persons who have read the three resource Books.

Using the same type of computer technology, you will see what the time messengers showed these people:

Ezekiel :   Visions
Daniel  :   Dreams
John     :   Personal Encounter
Moses :   Genesis Chapter 1
Mark    :   The Jesus Stories

You will be able to compare and cross-check these explanations with some physical evidence allowing you to come to your own final judgement based upon what you observe for yourself.

non member price $99
Members recieve Discount

Later when you book your Workshop, you will be given links to associated work-sheets.
They augment what you will read regarding the 5 Case Studies.

Workshop Details

Location of ATTSG Rooms

Duration:   max 2 hours

Time:   9:30 - 11:30 AM   or   2:00 - 4:00 PM

Days:   Tuesday - Wednesday

Venue seats 10 people.

Payment in full by Direct Bank Deposit  (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Venue is in the Adelaide north-eastern suburb of Surrey Downs   MAP

Cost:     Included in MEMBERSHIP

Application via Email
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