Ronald Pegg - Queensland

Ronald Pegg

Discovered Evidence of
Time Travel Encounters
in over 30 Ancient Texts

20th Century Time Detective

Mysterious and reclusive Time Travel researcher from Queensland. The first person in the 20th century to discover Evidence of Time Travel Back to the Past and to identify the computer technology also taken back.
20 Booklets and an Autobiography present his discoveries and findings.
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Reclusive, previously unknown, independent Researcher 1996 to 2002

He declined to be interviewed and to have his picture taken. Instead, he said:
"I am not the issue. My Discoveries and Research, and the Evidence will speak for itself. Please focus on my Discoveries and personally examine all the Evidence for yourself, and do not come to a conclusion based upon preconceived ideas given to you by other people"

12th October 2000

That day was an historical day for two reasons:
Ronald Pegg's work was publicly released to Australian Universities for examination;
He was the first person in the 20th century to present actual proof of Time Travel.

For this he was given the epithet of Time Detective

Original Research Documents

Conducted 1996 to 2002 Pegg researched many varied topics and authored twenty A4 sized BOOKLETS based upon his Time Travel discoveries.

Pegg's 20 original Printed Booklets

PaRDeS The Secret Garden

2.  Persian Gulf WAR
3.  WORD of GOD

10.  The Bible, A Modern History 1948-1999
11a The Bible, A Modern History 1999-2000
11b The Bible, A Modern History 2000
12.  Nostradamus, A Modern History 1990-2001
13.  The Bible History
14.  Bible Mysteries Confronted
15.  ATLANTIS, A New Clue
16.  Hidden Messages in Ancient Manuscripts
17.  The Source of Ancient Myths
18.  Time Loop Theory

19a 2001 Message Board Topics
19b Frequently Asked Questions
20.  Quick Reference Guide

Summary of Findings

Between 1998 and 2002 Ronald Pegg announced many Time Travel Discoveries relating to Religions

"I have found a Word Code that has been hidden in the Bible's translated words. Upon using this code I found the following messages that reveal what has been covered over for over three thousand years:"

The biblical 'End Time War' of Daniel Chapter 11 and Revelations Chapter 9 is describing the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

Genesis 2:10-14 pinpoints the country involved as being between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers - ie. Iraq.

"Armageddon" was an event that occurred in Israel in 1996.

The Identities of the two Witnesses of Revelations Chapter 11 have been found.

Ezekiel, Daniel, and John were told about the activities of these two Witnesses by their 'holy messengers' and have noted their activities in their personal accounts.

While un-named in the New Testament, the Second Witness is called the "Teacher" by Nostradamus, in the Muslim Koran the "Un-Lettered prophet", and in the Old Testament he is generally referred to as "the son" 'Gideon' (of the First Witness, 'Michael').

The Identity of the end time 'Book with Seven Seals' has been found.
It is a modern 'history book' - in the form of a cd-rom.

The imagery described by Ezekiel and Daniel comes from the 1995 Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean cd-rom.

This historical 'electronic book' has seven active icons on its menu page (being the seven noted seals).

The imagery described by Moses and John comes from three cd-roms:
1995 Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean
1993 Grolier Encyclopedia
1998 RedShift 2

Babylonian and Hebrew Creation accounts are descriptions of the imagery from the start-up sequence from the Ancients cd-rom, as too are the described characteristics of Egyptian and Akkadian mythological Gods.

The Egyptian notion of 'Seven Underworlds' is an explication of visiting the seven screens that lie beneath the active icons of the Ancients cd-rom (ie. the Seven Seals).

The described 'wonders in heaven' of Revelations Chapter 12 relate to images of the planet Jupiter and the Comet ShoemakerLevy9 from the astronomical RedShift2 cd-rom, and have been used by the 'holy messengers' to date and associate the disclosure by Dr Rips (in August 1994) concerning a Code in the Book of Genesis being found. The comet impacted Jupiter several weeks earlier, in July 1994.

The same imagery from the Ancients and Grolier cd-roms is described in the works of Nostradamus, who also describes the undertakings of the Second Witness and has drawn a depiction of him.

The Atlantis legend and its described imagery are accounts of seeing a certain five ringed island and city from the Ancients cd-rom.

Many archaic stories contain accounts of cd-roms being seen.
Egyptian scribes exactly depicted them on their temple walls.
The Ancients disk was one of the Two 'Stone' Tables of Testimony of which Moses spoke.

It was also seen by other Middle Eastern peoples.
In a Mesopotamian story it was called the 'Tablet of Destiny', and was known as 'a Roll of a Book' by Ezekiel (2:9), as the 'Sealed Book' by Daniel (12:4), as 'a Book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals' by John (Rev 5:1), and elsewhere as 'the Wheel of Destiny of Nations' by Nostradamus (France), and as one of the 'Two Stones in Silver Bows' by Smith (in America).

The "Holy Messengers" (aka. Angels) were some type of Time Travellers who took modern history books and cd-roms back to the past. Their purpose was to correct a series of mistakes that have occurred due to other interfering time travel 'back-steps'.

The sacred area of the Egyptian and Hebrew Temples contained a computer that was brought back by the messengers. The biblical 'Ark of the Covenant' and 'Tabernacle' descriptions refer to parts of a computer system utilized as the priests were shown the cd-roms.

Nostradamus didn't make 'prophecies' - he was told of and viewed 'future history' on a computer. He then encoded historical information taken specifically from the Grolier cd-rom in his various written works and illustrations.

The messengers who appeared in a 'bright light' (including a burning bush) that are chronicled in ancient religious stories were actually time travelling emissaries who took back a computer and some cd-roms. They were perceived as either gods or angels.

Ancient people whom we now called prophets or seers wrote about their encounter with these 'messengers' and related the history and pictures they saw on the computer and cd-roms.

The future history of which they wrote - has already occurred, and can be found in 21st century history books. The descriptions of beasts and cities of which they wrote - are of the pictures from the named cd-roms.


2003 & 2006
PPHC Adelaide in-house self-published printed editions (Australia Only)

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg
Nostradamus Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

Pegg's Autobiography   (Not yet released)

The Second Witness® - Ronald Pegg Finds Evidence of Time Travel in the Bible

Why is Pegg's work significant?

Often scholars first ask about Pegg's credentials, but this previously unknown private researcher did not furnished much about himself regarding this matter.

So, why should we take notice of his discoveries ?

He is one of the 'future' historical people mentioned in various ancient texts.

The following was discovered by Eddy Pengelly

In the Qur'an this 'future person' is called the 'Un-Letterred Prophet'1.

In the New Testament's Book of Revelations (11:3) John mentions him as the (un-named) 'Second Witness'.

In the Old Testament's Book of Isiah he is the future 'Peg' spoken of in 22:23 who then fades away in 22:25.2

The Book of Daniel indicates Pegg's discoveries as being first released 1,260 days3 after Michael Drosnin's Bible Code book in May 1997.

1. The Qur'an states ( Surah 7:157): 'The unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (Scriptures) - in the Torah and the Gospel . . . '. (examples given above). Some scholars say this title refers to the prophet Mohammed himself, while others say Jesus, but logically neither can be correct because both Mohammed and Jesus are named, hence they are not 'un-lettered' (ie. un-named).
But 'un-lettered' also refers to Ronald Pegg not having the usual scholastic letters after his name such as PHD.

2. Source: 'Ronald Pegg named in the Bible', Chapter 28, A New Understanding 2, RPDpl, 2016

3. Source: 'The End Times Dated', Chapter 3, A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus, PPHC, 2004.

Nostradamus exactly names him4, says he is the Teacher who will bring unrest to religions, names the city5 in which Pegg conducted his work and the year he ceased his activities, gave the year date of Pegg's discoveries, and drew a depiction6 (reproduced here) of Pegg's school-boy epithet - 'penguin'.

4. p198, A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus, PPHC, 2004. (printed version)
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