Eddy Pengelly - Adelaide, South Australia

Eddy Pengelly

First Researcher to
Confirm the Time Travel
Findings of Ronald Pegg

21st Century Time Detective

Time Travel researcher and non-fiction author from South Australia.
The first person in the 21st century to confirm the Discoveries made by Ronald Pegg. He then conducted his own extensive research and made further breakthroughs which include the same Computer Technology (as discovered by Pegg) being depicted by the ancient Egyptians. 12 Books and 6 Academic Papers present his discoveries and findings.


Administrative Assistant (to Pegg)   1998 to 2002

Author; Chief Researcher and Study Coordinator for
2003 to 2006   PPHC Study Group (Printed Books)
2007 to 2011   World Breaking Discoveries (E-Reports)
2012 to 2013   Adelaide Time Travel Evaluation Group (Seminars)
2014 to 2018   Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group (Workshops)


Eddy was first introduced to the complexity of ancient mysteries plus the possibility of Time Travel being involved when he was asked by the Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg to compile his draft reports and do a test print of those booklets on his behalf.
Eddy subsequently became Pegg's postage clerk and marketing manager.

Although Eddy completed a special IT & Comtec course in 1989 earning him two Merit Awards for achieving maximum scores in English and Media Studies, he did not have full knowledge of how to complie, print and have extraordinary research documents published, so in 2002 he joined the South Australian Writers' Centre to acquire new skills that would help him in his venture of disseminating The Pegg Project® material to the Australian public.

In 2003 as Editor, Eddy released the first compilation volume and set up PPHC Study Group to further evaluate Pegg's claims and evidence.

Between 2003 and 2006 he conducted his own investigations and research regarding Evidence of Time Travel, producing and self- publishing his own four reports known as The Pengelly Discoveries

In 2007 Eddy compiled a summary of seven years of research into a publication entitled World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins. At this time Eddy offered Ancient Mysteries Evaluation Sessions and Workshops to further explain his discoveries, findings, and conclusions. (Amended in 2019 with additional information and a new title.)

Eddy's eight years of scrutiny of The Pegg Project® material plus his own ancient texts and time travel investigations earned him the epithet of Time Detective.

In March 2008 Eddy confirmed that Pegg's name and activities are documented in the Old Testament's Book of Isaiah.

From mid 2008 Eddy ceased his formal Research and Study activities.
World Breaking Discoveries Publishing continued to sell his books internationally in E-Book format (as PDF files), plus his printed Reports in Australia.

2nd April 2009 Eddy coined the new term DOOPArt (documented-out-of-place-artifact) in relation to mid 1995 computer technology being found described and depicted in ancient stories and texts.
His full Report was published in the subsequent 2012 book entitled A New Understanding 2 - Smith Encounter and Sumerian Gods.

In 2013 Eddy was commissioned to compile Ronald Pegg's amazing discoveries regarding religious consequences into a summary report entitled The Bible Decomposed - Hidden Secrets Revealed.

In 2014 Eddy was commissioned to produce an Academic Paper.
Entitled Time Travel Evidence - FOUND  it has 3 Parts:
  1. Searching Ancient Texts for Evidence of Time Travellers
  2. Searching Ancient Texts for evidence of Computer Technology
  3. Compact Disk documented in Ancient Texts is Identified

In 2015 Eddy responded to critics regarding his Egyptian Glyph explanation from his Introduction Video (for the TT Paper) by producing another Paper:
  4. Egyptian Papyrus of Ani Describes 1995 Computer Technology

On 30th September 2015 as research for the 4th paper continued, Eddy coined the new term CHAROGRAM in relation to a new means of translating certain Egyptian Glyphs.
A charogram is a pictogram that represents a specific characteristic of a physical object. In contrast to a traditional determinative, which is associated with a GROUP of glyphs in respect to their phonetic soundings, a 'charogram' is associated only with ONE glyph and represents a direct feature of that one glyph.

From 2016 Eddy was commissioned to transform two of his previous books into separate Case Studies. Five new books were the result.

Also in 2016 Eddy compiled a summary of Secondary TIME TRAVEL Encounters recorded in Ancient Texts into one publication.

In December 2016 Eddy was commissioned to produce another Academic Paper investigating whether God was an Alien.

Completed in 2017 but as the 'God and Jesus' topic was so controversial, it had to be split into two Academic Papers.
5. The GOD stories in the Bible were not about a supernatural entity or an alien, but relate to accounts of human Time Travel interactions back in the past
6. The Life of Jesus stories in the Bible were not about a supernatural entity, but relate to pictures from a 1995 cd-rom

A News Release dated January 1st 2017 announced 'A NEW ERA - The Consequences of Human TIME TRAVEL is Now Known' revealing that Religions were mistakenly spawned due to Time Travel Encounters.

During January to August 2019 Eddy was commissioned to:
- compile a new preview book to replace the 2007 summary book;
- compile new books regarding Nostradamus to replace two existing books;
- research and produce two more Bible study books; and
- compile historical events identified as Bible prophecies into a preview book.
Modern Objects in Ancient Texts - DOOPArts
Nostradamus Unsealed - Ronald Pegg
Nostradamus Examined - Eddy Pengelly
Proof of Time Travel in the Bible - Mark
Proof of Time Travel in the Bible - Genesis1 & 2
Modern Events in the Bible - Prophecies Fulfilled

Books Authored

Printed Books

In-house self-published by PPHC Adelaide 2003 to 2006

Were only available in Australia

2019 Titles

Proposed News & Information, Public Educational Text Books

Now available as E-Reports in PDF format for World Breaking Discoveries (Publishing)

Academic PAPERS

Preprint Manuscripts 2014-2017

 1. Time Travellers in Ancient Texts
 2. Computer Technology in Ancient Texts
 3. Compact Disk in Ancient Texts is Identified
 4. Egyptian Papyrus of ANI Describes Computer Technology
 5. Proof of Time Travel in Genesis Chapter 1
 6. Proof of Time Travel in the Gospel of Mark