World Breaking Discoveries


- A New Era Begins

Based upon the discoveries and findings of Ronald Pegg

206 pages

A summary of 10 years of discoveries and findings.

TIME TRAVEL is responsible for many of the existing prophetic dream and vision stories in ancient texts concerning gods, angels, and GOD.

Those documented encounters in the world's prophetic sacred texts were accounts of targeted visits to the past by human Time Travellers, who took back with them specific history books to warn of false religions, by describing a series of associated astronomical and historical events (ie. Signs) leading to a future 'world war'.

Unfortunately, those encounters often sparked new Religions or spawned new Belief Systems because the Time Travellers were misunderstood and perceived as either Gods or Angels.

This Book reports
  • where time travellers and their equipment appear in ancient texts

  • the identity of the modern history books taken back

  • which prophets had personal encounters with time travellers

  • where these prophets document the contents of those history books
and reveals
  • the particular historical and astronomical events documented in the Bible (known as SIGNS)

  • which religions are based upon these encounters

  • the location and date of the foretold war (as chronicled in Daniel and Revelations)


Chapter 1
Messengers Across Time
Careful reading of ancient stories finds similar accounts of at least two 'time messengers' who have interacted with certain ancient people.

Chapter 2
Depicted and Described Compact Disks
It is shown wherein archaic stories compact disks are described, and where the form of a compact disk has been depicted in ancient texts.

Chapter 3
Documented Computer Technology
Upon close inspection, ancient texts reveal a documented technology that has been hidden by the words and limited understanding of the people of the day.

Chapter 4
Modern History documented in the Bible
This chapter shows where in the Bible a succession of named historical people and their associated events are documented, as told to ancient people by the visiting messengers.

Chapter 5
Biblical SIGNS pertain to modern historical events
From a religious perspective, the Bible contains a series of SIGNS that point to a sequence of events that are to occur in the End Times. Using the information from the previous chapter, it is explained which Signs in the Bible relate to the various historical people and their associated events.

Chapter 6-8
Ancients, Grolier, and RedShift2 cd-roms
These chapters provide several examples of where specific contents from each cd-rom are described in ancient stories and documented in ancient texts.

Chapter 9
Modern History Hidden in the Bible
When the misinterpretation of ancient accounts and the misunderstanding of their contents are filtered out, and the original etymology and meanings of words are used instead of modern English meanings, the Bible reveals a layer of history hidden beneath the commonly known religious stories.

Chapter 10
Source of Religious Stories about God
All religions cite a God (or gods). Their perception of God is based upon their ancient stories and traditions. The precise sources of these stories are identified and their origins are shown not to be from a divine being.

Chapter 11
End Time Prophecies Unveiled
Both the Old and New Testaments contain an End Time Judgement theme. Combined with the End Time SIGNS that contain associated time periods, the series of prophesized events described in the Bible have been identified.

Chapter 12
Revelations - Understood and Revealed
The sequence of man's history is said to culminate when the series of events described in the puzzling biblical Book of Revelation are made known. That book has been decoded and revealed its secrets about the Christ Jesus stories.

Chapter Findings - A New Era Begins

Influences upon Western Religions
Computer Parts Described in Ancient Texts
RedShift2 Photo Gallery Extract
Review & Criticism - Ancients CD-ROM

World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins

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