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The following in-house The Pegg Project® REPORTS were produced in the years stated:

2003   Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg
2004   A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus
2006   Nostradamus Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg
2006   A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis
2006   Penguins, Square Pegs, and Coincidences
2007   World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins
2013   The Bible Decomposed - Hidden Secrets Revealed
2016   A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis
2016   A New Understanding - Smith Encounter and Sumerian Gods
2016   A 21st Century Bible Commentary - Ezekiel
2016   A 21st Century Bible Commentary - Daniel
2016   A 21st Century Bible Commentary - Revelation
2016   Time Travel Encounters throughout History
2017   God, the Creation Story, and Jesus - Debunked

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