Penguins, Square Pegs and Coincidences

Penguins, Square Pegs and Coincidences

Penguins, Square Pegs and Coincidences

A report by Eddy Pengelly (pictured)

192 pages  (PDF copy of 2006 PPHC printed edition)

This book presents a brief look into the personal lives of two Australian researchers who, between them, made a succession of astounding findings that can only be described as world-breaking discoveries.

Between 1996 and 2002 the Queensland researcher, Ronald Pegg uncovered a multitude of amazing facts concerning the ancient past. He found a 'hidden' history overlooked by previous scribes responsible for documenting generally well known ancient stories and personages of both a religious and secular nature. He also unearthed a sequence of information that had not been previously recognized by contemporary religious scholars. A series of twenty Research Booklets highlight Pegg's claims, conclusions, and evidence.

A complete copy of his perplexing diary notes, research activities, and personal reports relating to some historical findings can be found in the Addendum of this publication. This material is a supplement to Pegg's autobiography entitled The Second Witness®.

The second investigator of Australian Time Travel discoveries, and author of this book, is Adelaide based Eddy Pengelly.

Eddy was the founder and chief consultant for the 2003 Australian based PPHC Study Group that was set up in Adelaide. Beginning in 1998, he spent time researching, writing reports, and speaking about the earlier amazing discoveries made by Pegg relating to the content of ancient texts telling a different story to what we have been told.

Having examined and evaluated Pegg's controversial discoveries, Eddy then conducted new independent investigations into some specific case studies. Between 2004 and 2006 he examined additional subjects and made astonishing new discoveries of his own. Reports of his findings appear in a series of four PPHC-SG in-house produced books, and a special summary report entitled World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins.

From 2007 Eddy ceased full time research, but over the next ten years, every now and then he still made new discoveries and produced various reports to explain his findings.

April 2009 - he coined the term DOOPArt (documented-out-of-place-artifact).
May 2012 - a documentary resource entitled Time Travel Encounters throughout History - the concealed story within Ancient Texts was written.
May 2013 - a new book: The Bible Decomposed - Hidden Secrets Revealed.

In 2014 and 2015, he produced four academic papers, and in relation to a new means of translating certain Egyptian Glyphs, he coined the term CHAROGRAM.

CHAPTERS and OVERVIEW        Penguins, Square Pegs, and Coincidences

Penguins, Square Pegs & CoincidencesEDDY PENGELLY 1998 to 2006
    1.  Personal Details
    2.  The Pegg Project
    3.  Coincidences
    4.  My Discoveries
    5.  Outside Help

RONALD PEGG 1996 to 2002
Extracts of Diary Notes

Each of these researchers kept either a Diary or Log that recorded events and incidents that occurred during their resepective years of investigation.

The first part of this book is an account by Eddy Pengelly of his personal life leading up to when he came to work in 1998 on The Pegg Project®. He then explains his motivations and recalls many of the significant events that happened during his examination of ancient texts, and tells what made him decide to continue with his research.

At first he thought he was just going to evaluate Pegg's work, but after realizing the scope of the work involved, Eddy investigated new areas and much to his surprise and amazement, he made astonishing discoveries of his own.

The second part of this publication is a re-formatted copy (done in 2006) of Ronald Pegg's entire Evaluation Booklet #9 entitled "Part 13, The Researcher" that was originally edited by John Page in 2001 and was part of Pegg's 'PaRDeS, The Secret Garden' set of Booklets. Further sections were added in 2002 after Mr Pegg left the project and passed on all of his work and files to Eddy.

This section gives an insight into the reclusive ways of the previously unknown researcher, Ronald Pegg from Townsville, and takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery.
We also read how he came to make some of his conclusions as he evaluated the perplexing work he was conducting.

Penguins, Square Pegs and CoincidencesPenguins, Square Pegs and Coincidences

EDDY PENGELLY - 21st century Time Detective

Eddy Pengelly's autobiography

PDF File  PDF file version: 192 pages

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