Nostradamus Unsealed

Nostradamus Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

Nostradamus Unsealed
- The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

221 pages  (PDF copy of 2006 PPHC printed edition)

Author and Researcher: Ronald Pegg

Pegg found Time Travel evidence in the works of Nostradamus

REAR COVER Information

The Australian researcher Ronald Pegg was perusing a book containing the works of Nostradamus in June 2000 when he noticed something remarkable:
  • Nine consecutive quatrains contained descriptions that matched the general sequence of events for the 1990/1991 Persian Gulf War as presented in one specific history book.

While investigating this he came across more books concerning Nostradamus.
One publication in particular, The Nostradamus Code, (using a mathematical code discovered in 1991), placed a selection of quatrains in chronological order.

Then in August 2000 while reading and investigating the etymology of these specific chronologically ordered "End Time" quatrains, Ronald Pegg noticed two astonishing circumstances:
  • Nostradamus had named one person, and gave the dates of the two people (in the End Times) who were to "decode" his 'hidden messages'.

  • These 'hidden messages' contained descriptions that matched specific images from a specific modern-day Multimedia CD-Rom.

In circa 1550 in France, Nostradamus saw "visions" of the 1991 Persian Gulf War - but how ?

This book
  • Reveals how Nostradamus obtained his 'future information' and identifies the apparatus utilized to do so.

  • Matches described events from Quatrains and his other works to actual Historical Events of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

  • Identifies the actual End Time people as described by Nostradamus in his 'hidden messages' and depicted in his drawings (found in Rome in 1984).

  • Matches described imagery from the plain text and decrypted Quatrains to the actual pictures of several modern-day historical CD-Roms.

  • Reveals that the American 11 September 2001 incident at the World Trade Centre plus its lead up events are documented in Presages 69 to 74, with the Pentagon incident being authored in Quatrain 81 of Century 5.



1. The Persian Gulf War
2. Nostradamus Explained
3. Nostradamus Decoded

4. The End Times
5. The Mormons. Modern CD-Roms
6. Visions

7. The Nostradamus Code
8. Bible Connections
9. The Brass Tripod Identified

P &S. American WTC Attack documented in Presages 71-73

This publication will give you a whole new perspective concerning what historical accounts and events Nostradamus has 'hidden' in his various works - both in written form and in his illustrations.

Nostradamus Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

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