Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

A New Understanding
- Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

143 pages

Author and Researcher: Eddy Pengelly

Evidence of Time Travel FOUND - in Egyptian stories and the Atlantis account.

In October 2000 the Australian researcher Ronald Pegg announced that he had discovered evidence of mid 1990s computer technology and descriptions of specific compact disks and their contents in many of the world's ancient texts.

Commencing in 2003, the author of this book Eddy Pengelly, personally began systematically investigating these claims by examining Pegg's many works.

During his two years of study and to his amazement, he validated Pegg's claims.

In 2005 Eddy discovered the link that led him to find the final definitive pieces of evidence that confirmed beyond doubt Pegg's claims.

That link was Egypt and its various associated legends.
- The Moses stories came from Egypt.
- The Greek philosopher Plato visited Egypt then gave the Atlantis account.
- Jesus was also said to have visited Egypt.

This book examines an Akkadian poem, Egyptian mythology plus the Atlantis legend - and shows you wherein each ancient text modern computer technology is documented.

There is much controversy and the debate continues whether Pegg's own translations and interpretations of ancient texts are correct, but what Eddy found in Egyptian stories and their associated hieroglyphics in 2006 is compelling.

Egyptian hiero-glyphs relate visually what the ancient scribe was describing.
They are a snap-shot of an ancient encounter - with a compact disk and computer technology.

The 1240 BCE Papyrus of Ani describes and depicts computer parts

Explained HieroglyphsExplained Hieroglyphs

Reading left Column
Its writing implement is a staff shaped like an S with a head like a basket.
This writing implement looks like [object depicted]   = a computer's mouse and cable

Reading the right Column
The circle with a hole in the middle is a real object. This disk, it shines.   = a compact disk
This disk, it sits in a horizontal cradle within a box.   = a protruding cd-drive tray


1.  Akkadian Enuma Elish poem

2.  Egyptian Mythological Gods

Great Ennead of Heliopolis
Other Egyptian Gods
Benu Bird, Benben Stone, and the Phoenix
King Menes (Aha)
Summary of Identified Gods
Seven Stages of Egyptian Mythology
Pyramid Texts
Coffin Texts
The Book of the Dead
      - Funeral Bed vignette
     - Nine Component Parts of Man
The Papyrus of Ani
      - Plate 1
      - Plates VII & VIII
The Ladder of God
Final Conclusion

3.  17 Egyptian Glyphs Depict Computer Parts

4.  2010 Egyptian Hieroglyph Report

5.  Questions with Answers generated by our 2010 Glyph Article

6.  Visions of Atlantis

Within the Mediterranean
Athens Descriptions
The Extraordinary Inundation
Atlantis City Revealed
Poseidon's Temple
Nine Thousand Years
The Five Harbour Rings
Atlantis Island
The Ten Portions
New Discoveries - Ancient Stones
Ancients cd-rom
      Sequence of Gods
      Red Windrose Compass
      White Sailboat
      Animal Icons
RedShift2 cd-rom
      Solar System animation
Grolier cd-rom
      Visions on the Screen
A Lapse of Time

This publication will give you a whole new perspective concerning what the ancient scribes were actually describing in their written texts and by their hieroglyphical depictions.

A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

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