A New Perspective

A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus

A New Perspective
- The Bible and Nostradamus

228 pages  (PDF copy of 2004 PPHC printed edition)

Author and Researcher: Eddy Pengelly

Time Travel evidence found in Bible stories and works of Nostradamus

The Old Testament documents at least two personal accounts with an "angel" by the named prophets Ezekiel and Daniel, and the New Testament one account with John (of Revelation).

The significance of these accounts is that they say an angel visited them, they were told to write down what they were shown and told - which they did - as they report "I saw a vision" and "I heard".

They specifically note that the images and information were 'from a future time' - with the 'messenger' giving specific time periods (all be it in cryptic terms) when asked 'when is this to happen'. They also report that they were shown a "book" and in various terms, they either read it, took it, "ate" it (as John says in Revelation 10:10), or similar. In other words they held and read it, and viewed or literally 'ate' the knowledge from it.

So two separate reports in circa 600BC in Babylon report a similar encounter with a messenger that specifically describe a "book" containing future historical accounts.

This yields the conclusion that the biblical authors Ezekiel, Daniel (and John in circa 95AD) were personally shown visions of the future by an angel, and they were also told of a series of 'end time' historical events (that have become known as Signs).

An Australian researcher suggests that these encounters with an angel pertain to some type of time travel, and he goes on to explain that these biblical authors were not themselves taken to the future, but rather the angelic messenger showed them the future information and visions from a modern apparatus that he brought back to them. This apparatus is described by Ezekiel as "a roll of a book" and by John as "a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals" who also provides certain other details.

Ronald Pegg claims to have discovered the identity of this 'sealed book' and to have found the biblically described End Times Sign events that can now be found documented in late 20th century history books.

Eddy Pengelly (author of this book) investigated these claims. Herein he compares the written biblical descriptions to the imagery and content of the specific "book" that Pegg claims was used by the time messenger. The recorded End Time Signs are compared with actual modern people and historical events, and the results are astounding. It is revealed where Nostradamus names Ronald Pegg, gives the location of the town in which he did his seven years of work, describes him as the "Teacher", and has drawn a depiction of his epithet.

This publication will give you a whole new perspective on the Holy Bible.


Author's Preface
Book Contents

Claims of Ronald Pegg Investigated
1. Biblical Imagery Explained
2. The Creation Myth Exposed
3. The End Times Dated
4. Seven Signs of Jesus

Research and Decodings/Translations by Eddy Pengelly
5. Nostradamus
  Letter to Henry
  Centuries of Quatrains
  Letter to Cesar
  The Theme of War
  Presages 69 to 74 - WTC attack 2001
  Further Reading

Chapter Conclusions
Final Comments

Appendix 1  Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 Text
Appendix 2  Beneath the Religious Veil
Appendix 3  Themes and Homonyms


This book has two sections and provides a new perspective into the understanding of some of the Bible texts and the works of Nostradamus.

In the first four chapters Eddy Pengelly investigates the claims of Ronald Pegg relating to the Bible by examining the evidence cited by this Australian researcher.

The Biblical Imagery Explained and The Creation Myth Exposed chapters compare the documented described imagery from the Bible to the modern 'history book' that Mr Pegg claims the "angel in a bright light" showed the ancient prophets.

You will be amazed when the 'four wheels within a wheel' of Ezekiel and the 'four of John are shown to be descriptions of images from the 'modern history book', but we have no idea what reaction you may have when you are shown that the Creation sequence of imagery also relates to a succession of images from that same 'history book'.

Ronald Pegg's discoveries present us with a new understanding regarding the Bible Stories, and reveal that the encounters with 'the burning bush' and with 'the angel in a bright light' have been misunderstood and misreported by ancient scribes.

In The End Times Dated and Seven Signs of Jesus chapters, Eddy compares Mr Pegg's derived historical events and named people to actual modern historical events and imagery from late twentieth century history books - and they match !

You will be astounded as the biblical character Michael and his associated described activities are matched to actual modern events, and you may wonder at what may come next as it is reported how he is the first of the Two Witnesses (of Revelation).

You may become bewildered as you are shown that some of the Seven Signs of Jesus relate to historical events that have already occurred, and perplexed when you discover that others such as the Four Horsemen (of Revelation) are descriptions of images from the 'modern history book'.

In chapter five Eddy Pengelly investigates the claims of Ronald Pegg relating to the works of Nostradamus by personally translating selected texts from the French and investigating the derived historical content cited by this Australian researcher.

Parts of the Letters to Henry and Cesar, along with some Quatrains, Sestets and Presages are examined by Eddy, and unexpectedly, Nostradamus confirms the historical content that Mr Pegg extracted from within the words of the Bible.

You may feel dubious when the name of the biblical Second Witness is revealed by Nostradamus, but when this person's related described and dated events are matched to actual modern events of both the twentieth and twenty first centuries, you may begin to realise that much more went on in the past than we have been told.

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where wars are not fought because of the thousands of years of religious beliefs which have and still continue to incite mistrust and hate.

Besides giving you a new perspective concerning the Bible, Nostradamus, and the past, Ronald Pegg's discoveries and evidence may provide you with the incentive to look towards the future.

A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus

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