Ancient Chronicles Unsealed

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed
- The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

304 pages
A compilation of 7 years of Research and Findings
1996-2002 : Australian researcher Ronald Pegg

Pegg found Time Travel evidence in many texts

Your beliefs - What are they based upon ?

Individual Keys to some of the world's enigma have been discovered by several people during the past fifty years, and in this book, Ronald Pegg employs those time keys to unseal some of the mysteries of our past.

This Queensland researcher has discovered that; a computer along with four particular CD-Roms are described in ancient texts; images from these CD-Roms are described in various ancient manuscripts and ancient artworks; the interaction of a chrononaut (time traveller) with ancient people is also documented in ancient texts; and that some of the 'future' history that was revealed to these people has been retold in their oral stories and also written into their manuscripts as if those 'described events' were of their own past history.

This is in effect, evidence of TIME TRAVEL.

It is time for all of us to re-examine the various ancient manuscripts, not for the usual religious rhetoric of the past, but for the elementary wisdom contained within those texts that has now been uncovered using the time keys.

You will be amazed as you read the conclusions that are drawn from the evidence.
This evidence will force you and all people to question the very foundations of your belief system, whatever it may be.

Are you ready for the truth behind the ancient Myths, the Bible, and other ancient Religious Texts ?

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald PeggAncient Chronicles Unsealed
- The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

His discoveries will re-write history.

There are three Books within this publication
1.  Atlantis and the Map Scroll
2.  Hidden History in Ancient Texts
3.  Time Mysteries


About Ronald Pegg
Editor's Foreword
Editor's Introduction

BOOK 1   Atlantis and the Map Scroll
Section A   Undated Myths
Section B   Dated Religious Texts
Section C   'God' is a plural word

Section D   An ancient Map is described
Section E   Key elements compared
Section F   Review of compiled data & Conclusion

Section G   The Bible Myth - Religious Oral History versus recorded Written History

BOOK 2   Hidden History in Ancient Texts
Section I   The Bible
Section J   Other ancient Texts
Section K   Nostradamus

BOOK 3   Time Mysteries
Section L   Ancient Oracles Identified
Section M   The Map Scroll
Section N   The Green One
Section O   The Black Rock
Section P   The Brass Plate
Section Q   Religious Encounters with ancient 'Scrolls'

Section R   Warnings of False Religions

Section S   Time Encounters
Section T   Evidence of Time Travel

Section U   The Second Witness
Section V   Another Biblical Warning
Section W   The E.L.S. Bible Code - Ron Pegg's Discoveries

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Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg

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