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Register for Workshop 2

Attend our Surrey Downs Study Rooms


is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, confirmed by full payment in advance.
There may be up to 9 other people present.

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday if available and by arrangement

2 Hours   Afternoon session only if available at 2:00pm

the Proprietor of World Breaking Discoveries - Publishing

you will need to present your copy of the Workshop Registration form to Robert in order to gain access to the Study Rooms.

How to Register / Book Workshop 2

1. Check for available Dates
Using the template below please Email us with your request to attend
giving the subject heading as Workshop2 - [ m ] [d] [ dd ]
where m - d - dd =  a month day date. (eg. Workshop2 - Aug Wed 30)

Please supply other dates in case your primary date is not available.

By return email we will respond with a Booking Number, your Guest Number, and the link to our Registration Form. Your workshop will be booked on the next available date from your list.

send to:  robert(at)
subject heading:  Workshop2  + primary Date

body text: {copy and paste this template}

I have separately purchased and read the 2 Resource Books
and now wish to attend your Workshop 2

My Guest number from a previous workshop is .

Name         .
Address     .
Suburb/city .
State           .
Postcode    .
Telephone   .

My preferred Workshop 2 dates
1st date   .
2nd date  .
3rd date   .
4th date   .

Start time 2:00pm

Please Book me a seat for the next available date from my above list
and supply me with the link to your Registration Form by return email,
so I can get the Study Room's street address and
obtain your Bank Details for payment of my $88 Fee,
before printing out the form to use as my Entry Ticket.

In the above email address, don't forget to replace the '(at)' with a '@'

When we reply and you follow the given link, please
2. Complete Registration Form onscreen  using the details in our return email.

3. Pay your Workshop 2 Fee by Direct Bank Deposit
Please transfer full payment electronically (Direct Bank Transfer) using
W2 + [ your guest number ] + [ your Surname ] as the transfer details
(eg. W2 026 Pengelly)
then fill in the EFT 'date paid' field on the Registration Form.
Your on-screen Bank payment confirmation page will be your receipt.

4. Print the completed Registration Form from the screen.

5. We will CONFIRM your booking by email once payment is received.
At that time, please fill in the 'Payment Confirmed' field on the Registration Form in pen, then sign your form.
If you do not receive this email (up to 3 days depending on your Bank's transfer time) it will indicate that we have not received your payment - and your attendance has not been confirmed.

6. Attend the ATTSG Study Rooms for your Workshop.
You will need to bring your printed and signed Registration Form along for identification and to exchange it for entry.

This is a World Breaking Discoveries sponsored event and it will be hosted by Robert Pengelly within a private residence in the north-east suburb of Surrey Downs.

World Breaking Discoveries - Publishing,   Adelaide, South Australia.   ABN 94229084198
Payment will be made to them.

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