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Attend our Adelaide Study Rooms

Workshop 1

You will need to have separately purchased at least our 3 primary printed Resource Books, and read the Case Studies listed below. A Checksheet for the ANP case study should be completed before attendance.

Duration   2 hours
                  9:30 - 11:30 AM   or   2:00 - 4:00 PM

Days       Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday  (other days by arrangement)

Bookings      via Email

Payment       in full, in advance by Direct Bank Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Venue   is in the Adelaide north-eastern suburb of Surrey Downs.

Cost       $88  per person
               Discount for Members

This is YOUR own personal journey of discovery.
  1. You will attempt to reproduce the results documented in preselected Case Studies* by comparing the referenced verses in the 3 Books to the contents of the cited data disk.
  2. On completion of this task you will be able to come to a conclusion based upon what you have seen and examined for yourself.

* Selected Case Studies
Moses describes Compact Disks, and Computer Parts

ACU pp 140-149, 174-175 and 177 plus ABNC p 69
Book of Revelation documents an encounter with Time Travellers and the cd-rom

ANBC pp 69-71 (Rev 5:1-8), 66 (Rev 4:6-7) and 75-77 (Rev 6:1-8)
John (+ Gospel writers) and Luke in Acts describe pictures from the cd-rom

ANP pp 26-39 (Life Stories of Jesus), pp38-39 (Acts 2:1-11) Pentacost

Resources to Bring
Most people bring their own Bible, their 3 Resource Books bookmarked, plus pen & paper.

If you do not have a copy of Strong's Concordance, you may use our online CHECKSHEET to confirm referenced words before attending.

is required as this Workshop will be held in a hired Studio within the grounds of a private residence.

Please NOTE  
Personal photographic and audio/visual recording equipment is not permitted in the Study Rooms.

How to Register and Book for Workshop 1

This Workshop

  • gives you the opportunity to evaluate Case Studies from our Resource Books
  • allows YOU to hold and view the evidence for yourself
  • is NOT about the How and When of Time Travel
  • is NOT about Religion, Beliefs nor Faith
  • Is NOT a discussion about Religion, Beliefs or Faith
  • is a 21st Century scholastic presentation of new evidence regarding the past
  • Is NOT a general questions and answers session
  • is for persons who have read all relevant resource Books
Be among the first in the world to hold and view the evidence !

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