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 Check Sheet for Section 3

Gospel writer Mark (New Testament) describes pictures from the Ancients Compact Disk

The Paper's researcher referenced printed versions of The Bible, Strong's Concordance, and an English Dictionary. This page is for people who do not have access to those printed resources. At the time of producing this page the internet citations matched to the information in the printed versions.

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Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg found that when some English words were checked for their original Hebrew and Greek meanings as stated in the Lexicons of Strong's Concordance, it became clear that in many cases those intended meanings had NOT been used.

This Check Sheet allows you to Each time you check for a word's original meaning, you need to ask yourself "Has the ANP Book accurately cited the primary meaning stated in Strong's Concordance"

How to use this Check Sheet

As you read through pages 26 to 38 from our resource book A New Perspective you will come across WORDS from the Bible texts that have been returned to their original ancient word meanings, most being different to our traditional understanding.

On the Check Sheet The Strong's Number is an active link. Click it to bring up that word's meaning.
CLICK HERE to open a popup window, then reposition it on your desktop.

Compare the online Strong Concordance meaning to that stated in the ANP Book.
If it does NOT agree then change the default response to NO.

At the completion of this Sheet your validity score will be shown.
Use this tally to answer the question "Has this particular explanation in the ANP Book cited and used the original ancient meanings as stated in the lexicon ?".

Bible words examined in the ANP Book

WORKSHOP 1 Section 3

ANP book p 26, English Word BAPTISED translated from Greek word #907 means
       'to make whelmed' *
whelm as a verb means 'to cover with water'* or 'to overwhelm'.
* Special note on Greek word #907 "used only (in the New Testament) of ceremonial ablution, especially (technically) of the ordinance of Christian baptism".  Otherwise
overwhelm means ' to affect deeply in mind or emotion'.   Is this correct ?  No  Yes

p26 HEAVEN Gw #3772   primary meaning is 'the sky'     No  Yes
'heaven (as the abode of God)' is only by religious extension.
       OPENED Gw #4977   'to split or sever'     No  Yes
       SPIRIT Gw #4151  'a current of air, i.e. Breath (blast) or a breeze'     No  Yes
       VOICE Gw #5456   'a tone' as in sound [of a musical instrument]    No  Yes

p27 DRIVETH Gw #1544 'to eject' as in to drive out from a place.     No  Yes
       ANGEL Gw #32   'a messenger (to bring tidings)'. tidings means 'information or
news', therefore "angel" means 'a messenger that brings information'. No  Yes

       MINISTERED Gw #1247  'to be an attendant, or host'     No  Yes
       SATAN Gw #4567 'an adversary' as in a different religious 'god'.     No  Yes

p28 PRISON Gw #3860   means 'to yield up' (as in to bring forth)     No  Yes

p30 TRANSFIGURED Gw #3339   'to transform'           No  Yes
       SHINNING Gw #4744   'to gleam, i.e. Flash intensely'     No  Yes
       RAIMENT Gw #2440   'outer garment'     No  Yes
       CLOUD Gw #3507   properly means 'cloudiness'     No  Yes

p31 The city named "Jerusalem" in the New Testament is the same one as reported
       in the Old Testament, therefore we need to check for the original Hebrew meaning.
       JERUSALEM Hw #3389   'a dual (in allusion to its two main hills)'     No  Yes
       LET IT OUT Gw #1554   'to give forth'     No  Yes

p32 HOUR Gw #5610   'a definite space of time, a season'   No  Yes

p38 HEAVEN Gw #3772   primary meaning is 'the sky'     No  Yes
       GHOST Gw #4151   'a current of air, i.e. Breath (blast) or a breeze'     No  Yes
       IN Gw #1519   'to or into (indicating the point reached or entered)'     No  Yes

Acts 2:6c "because that every man heard them speak in his own language" Original Greek word order  'because heard one each the own language speaking them'
Doesn't this translate as 'because each one heard the own language of them speaking'    No  Yes

Your score derives percent

Where does it fit on the Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group's validity scale ?

 NOProbably NotMaybeProbablyYES

Based upon your own findings and where your score fits on the above graph, YOU have just answered the question - Has the ANP Book correctly cited the original ancient meanings for these words from the Bible ?

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