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Pegg's BOOKLETS - 5 Topics

Ronald Pegg's Booklets

PPHC Original Research Documentation

1996 to 2002  Queensland, Australia

Researcher Ronald Pegg made many amazing discoveries, and presented 1,000 pages of his astounding findings and conclusions in a series of 20 Booklets.

Five Topics have been Selected

Review Pegg's methods of research to gain a clearer picture regarding some of his discoveries.

Evaluation Booklet Set

Examine and evaluate 270 pages of original research, being the following five booklets - printed A4 size and plastic comb bound.

1.  The Source (booklet 17) DETAILS

looks at ancient concepts and how they are associated with early Myths and Religions.
Stories and specific Descriptions from several ancient texts are compared.

Is there a common Theme ?
Is there a common origin to these Themes and Stories ?

Has Pegg discovered the primary Source of the ancient Myths and Religious stories ?

Yes. Time Travellers have been mistaken as 'gods'.
A Computer has been perceived to be an Oracle.

2.  Atlantis, A New Clue (booklet 15) DETAILS

examines the descriptions by Plato concerning the mythical city of Atlantis.

Is the same theme (as discussed in The Source) present in Plato's Dialogue ?

Has Pegg discovered the primary Source of the ancient Atlantis myth ?

Yes. Certain pictures from a data disk have been perceived to be about a 'City beneath the Sea'.

3.  Nostradamus, A Modern History 1990-2000 (booklet 12) DETAILS

reveals several other Themes involving Historical data.

Is the common Theme (as discussed in Part 1) also present in the works of Nostradamus ?

Has Pegg discovered the identity of the apparatus utilized by Nostradamus ?

Yes. He gained his 'future historical knowledge' from a historical cd-rom that he viewed on a computer (supplied by time travellers).

4.  The Bible, A Modern History 1948-1999 (booklet 10) DETAILS

highlights wherein the Bible, the same Historical themes (as discussed in Part 3) are documented.

Why do the Old English words of the King James Bible not fully represent the original Hebrew and Greek meanings and context ?

Has Pegg discovered a new (type of) Bible Code, hidden beneath the Old English translation ?

Yes. It has been sitting in plain sight for over 150 years in the Lexicons of Strong's Concordance.

5.  Bible Mysteries Confronted (booklet 14) DETAILS

summarizes the Historical data Theme, and provides Exercises for you to compare the religious meanings of the Old English Bible with the original Word meanings as stated in Strong's Concordance.

Is there a message in the Bible that is hidden by mis-translations ?
If so, to what does it refer ?
Is the common Theme (revealed in Parts 1 & 2) also present in the Bible ?

Has Pegg identified the original Source of, not only the ancient Myths and Religions, but the Bible stories too ?

Yes. Many biblical accounts perceived time travellers as ANGELS, and their associated accounts of a 'future End Time history' come from actual historical events documented on two 20th century historical cd-roms (that were viewed on a computer, supplied by the time travellers).

Each Booklet has its own Evaluation SHEET

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People who have read them

  Comments from the old online PPHC-SG Member Area

Mary Ann

About ATLANTIS (Pegg's Booklet # 15)
Briefly stated, the study on Atlantis opened a door for me that had previously been closed. Mr Pegg's information corroborated and enhanced much of what I had been feeling, as he so aptly stated, "with mindful awareness." The hidden content of the Lion and his analogy of Atlantis gave me a new insight that I had not previously held and which was important for me to grasp. Mr Pegg's evidence throughout the study is given and explained, and with which I agree. It is as I know it to be and what I have "seen" in my mind's eye (so to speak). The information regarding the map scroll and its container totally intrigued me. As I read each word, the excitement level in my being accelerated to an extremely high level. "Earth-disc" / Wheel of Destiny / Map Scroll? I wait to be further enlightened regarding this knowledge that Mr Pegg has learned.
About NOSTRADAMUS (Pegg's Booklet # 12)
Nostradamus has been of great interest to me since I "discovered" him many years ago. Here, again, the analogy of the Lion city or "Lyon" is discussed; particularly, the Wheel of Destiny / wheel disc / Wheel of Time as the manner in which he viewed the future happenings in the world. His predictions and methods, even though they were disguised in the Quatrains, were obtained the same way others had done throughout the ages. They are something that I have found to be true in nature and, although I read them and re-read them, I always felt "lacking" some-thing afterwards. Now, arrives on the scene Mr. Pegg!!! Finally, Mr. Pegg is able to give us the answers to questions we have had but had not yet formulated into clear-cut questions. I cannot wait until the "vehicle" or apparatus that Nostradamus utilized is made known. Oh, what a surprise the world is in for . . . rather, what a shock! The conclusions derived at by Mr. Pegg must be presented for those of similar interest may "come to the well and drink." His studies are just that; they are like a balm or elixir or water with which we not only immerse ourselves in but which we drink to satisfy the insurmountable thirst within us and, for which up to this point in time, we have had no "well."
About BIBLE MYSTERIES CONFRONTED (Pegg's Booklet # 14)
The Bible Study was absolutely overwhelming for me. Having been an avid student (all of my life) of various religions, I was amazed at the information Mr. Pegg unearthed for us. Especially, that part about John 5 and the insertion of the "body/water/spirit" - or Trinity concept - by Priscillian. Too bad Erasmus was not more persistent and stood his ground on the subject. All of these years, all of these centuries having gone through the liturgies with that insertion in it when, in fact, it doesn't even belong in it. Chapter 6 literally turned my Christian world of theology upside down. WHAT!!! I said to myself and proceeded to devour every word thereafter more intensely than I had, up to that point. This was just one powerful example of how this study affected me. As you can determine, I not only read but sometimes I dissect what is before my eyes. As far as I am concerned, this is a tremendously important Study and should be made available to the masses, if I might use that term. Be prepared, better yet, please "cushion" Mr. Pegg somehow for the on-slaught that will no doubt follow the Study's publication.

About Ronald Pegg's Quest
Ron isn't promising anything to anyone. All he is doing is presenting the current evidence and trying to explain it. He doesn't have the benefit of knowing what actually went on in the past....he only has the effects of the present.

I felt I wanted to bring this to the group's attention because Ron's research is no different to how physicists work....they can't see quarks but they know they are there because of the effects they have on other particles.

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