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Queensland researcher found evidence of time travel recorded in many texts from the past. Well known traditional and prophetic stories contain chronicles of those encounters. Many ancient texts document, describe or depict computer technology from the 1990s.
A series of 20 Booklets contain his research documentation and findings.

Eddy Pengelly  pictured

South Australian researcher was the first to confirm these discoveries.
He then conducted his own extensive research and made further breakthroughs which include the same Computer Technology being depicted by the ancient Egyptians.
A series of 5 Books present his discoveries and findings.

Ronald Pegg claimed that

A certain 20th Century Computer System and a Data Disk along with some of its Contents are described in many Ancient Texts.

He then issued a challenge that anyone

while holding a copy of particular ancient texts, can sit down in front of a computer with the cited 1995 CD-ROM running, and see the pictures that are described in the stories by people from the past such as Moses, Ezekiel and Daniel (Old Testament); Lehi (Book of Mormon); Matthew, Mark and John (New Testament); Mohummed (Qur'an); Nostradamus; Smith (Latter-day Saints); and other ancient writers.

We make it possible for YOU to accept his challenge !

A copy of that CD-ROM is available for examination during our Member WORKSHOP.

In Fact - Three CD-ROMs have been identified !

Ancients Civilizations - 1995.   Grolier Encyclopedia - 1993.   RedShift2 - 1998.

Our 5 Printed Books present Case Studies of Discoveries

'Part Two' mentioned in this video can be physically conducted by You at the Member Workshop.

Scholastic Workshops
Although various ancient and religious texts are examined, this is not a religious website nor is it about Religion or Faith. It provides personal access to new findings regarding the origin and source of some stories contained in many of the world's sacred and other ancient writings.

The old saying 'You won't believe it until you see it for yourself' is appropriate in this case.