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The Pegg Project®

About ATTSG - History

Project Chronology

1996 to 2002   Evidence of Time Travel Found

Previously unknown Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg found the contents of particular mid 1990s cd-roms and certain history books documented, described and depicted in many ancient texts.
Conclusion: Time Travel back to the Past was somehow involved.

1998 to 2004   Pegg Project Historical Comparisons

PPHC was the business name set up to produce and publish reports by Pegg, that are now in the form of his 20 Booklets. In 2003 a summary book of Pegg's findings was published.

2003 to 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011   Claims Investigated

Independently, South Australian private researcher Eddy Pengelly first confirmed Pegg's observations then conducted his own research, and then made his own astounding discoveries.
His Reports can be found in the printed books (published by PPHC) associated with this website.

2003 to 2011   PPHC Study Group

Abbreviation of 'Pegg Project Historical Comparisons Study Group', this private evaluation group was active on the internet presenting some of Pegg's work on its own website and other forums, and often invited people to conduct on-line evaluations. New research by Pengelly was published in a series of books. The concept of public workshops and evaluation sessions in Adelaide locations was developed.

2012   Adelaide Time Travel Evaluation Group

A purpose and name change. Now simply called TT2012 this was set up in 2012 to cater for people in Adelaide who desired to personally view the three cd-roms that have been documented and described in ancient texts so that they could compare their contents directly with ancient texts, using 3 or 5 specific PPHC Resource Books as references. An introduction Seminar was also available. The research side of PPHC Study Group was coming to an end.

2012   Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd

This company was formed then purchased all the Intellectual Property, Works, and associated Rights regarding The Ronald Pegg Findings™, The Second Witness® works, and The Pengelly Discoveries™ plus all the World Breaking Discoveries, PPHC Study Group and TT2012 created works.

2014   Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group

is the latest public version of the PPHC and Adelaide Time Travel Study Groups, with the exception that the new research phase of The Pegg Project® has ceased. Eddy Pengelly is no longer available to conduct seminars nor workshops. We now simply provide interested Adelaide people with the opportunity to collect and read our books and to attend our new Workshop to view the evidence for themselves.

The Pegg Project®

Evidence of TIME TRAVEL has been Found  scattered throughout History and documented within the world's Ancient Myths and Texts.

RONALD PEGG said that finding modern technology depicted and documented out-of-place and out-of-its-own-time-period in earlier historical texts - is proof of Time Travel.

We provide the opportunity for you to personally examine his claims and the evidence for yourself.