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Collect Printed BOOKS

Costs and How to Order

Collect from Surrey Downs, 5126 (north-east suburb of Adelaide)

R.R.P. $30 each  16% Discount given to Clubs = $25 each.

1. Have your members give you a LIST of their selected Books

2. Use our calculator below to check-sum your order.

INPUT how many of each BOOK is required



A New


A New Bible


Egyptian Gods
and Atlantis




Penguins and
Square Pegs

Book Cost $ Total Cost $

3. Email us with the details and suggest as to when you may wish to collect your books - using the below template

Best time is after 10:00am and before 5:00pm Tuesday to Thursday. (Other times by agreement)

Send to  robert(at)
subject heading:  Order Printed Books for Collection

By return email we will respond with an Order Number, Date confirmation, our Bank Details for Direct Bank Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer), and the Collection Address.

body text: {copy and paste this template}

Name of Group

Representative's Details:
Name         .
Address     .
Suburb       .
Postcode    .
Telephone   .

My preferred Collection Dates and Times
1st date   .
2nd date  .
3rd date   .
4th date   .

We wish to purchase the following number of Printed BOOKS:
ACU     .
ANP     .
ANBC   .
ANU     .
NU       .
PSPC   .
Totalling  $

Please use the first available date from my above list if possible,
supply me with your Bank Details in order to make the above payment
and the collection street address.


In the above email address, don't forget to replace the '(at)' with a '@'

When we confirm date and time, please

4. Obtain payment from your members and pay by Direct Credit

When we receive your payment, we will email you to confirm that

5. Your Books will be available on the agreed date and time at our Study Rooms

These Books were printed by PPHC* for study and evaluation purposes.
* Now known as Australian Time Travel Study Group.
Payment will be made to account in name of P.P.H.C.

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