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Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group

Adelaide, South Australia

We strongly suggest that you read and view the evidence for yourself before coming to a conclusion because the inconceivable claims by Ronald Pegg need to be challenged and personally investigated.

Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group (ATTSG) was set up in 2014:
- to distribute Printed Books (on behalf of World Breaking Discoveries Publishing);
- to present the physical evidence in both Seminar and Workshop formats.

A studio suite in a private residence in the north-eastern suburbs is currently hired in order to conduct our member Workshop sessions. The owner of that residence wishes to keep her address private.

Various homes and other locations may also host these Workshop sessions.

Please note that in Good Faith
  • we are distributing the Reports made by the Australian Time Detectives Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly plus subsequent examinations and findings by PPHC Study Group;

  • we are presenting the associated evidence for evaluation on mid 1990s computer technology;

  • the proprietor of World Breaking Discoveries - Publishing will be hosting the workshops.

The content, opinions and conculsions contained in presented published works and on this website are those of Ronald Pegg (1996-2002) and Eddy Pengelly (2003-2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017), and do not necessarily reflect the views nor opinions of Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd nor associated partners (such as the Australian Time Travel Study Group and World Breaking Discoveries) nor your host.

We wish to advise you that we have never met Mr Ronald Pegg, and do not know where he resides, nor do we know how to contact him, therefore we are unable to answer any questions concerning him, nor redirect any correspondence to him.

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He is the proprietor of World Breaking Discoveries - Publishing. ABN 94229084198

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